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Important Info - READ BEFORE PURCHASE !!!

All the items are shipped in heavy duty postal tubes and carefully wrapped in protective paper.

Shipping can take 1-2 days for Spain orders and 3-4 weeks for international orders.

I am not responsible for the malpractice of third parties (ex: poor handgling by shipment companies, airlines or transportation companies, natural circumstances like storms, heartquakes, etc or exceptional circumstances like plane crashes, vehicle accidents, outbreak of wars or revolutions / riots, coups d'état and various unusual circumstances) so no refund arises from any damage suffered by the product as a result of these kind of circumstances.

Please, notice that final printed product colors could be slightly different than product image / description ones.

To obtain a refund is mandatory to previosly return the products. I do not provide return shipping labels, buyer is responsible of the return shipping cost in every case.

For any questions or enquires please use the contact form or email me: drjuanpailustr(at)gmail(dot)com 

Thank you for your support.